There have been various profound studies on using specific frequencies to heal different physical ailments as well as shift and help change unwanted emotional states. Certain tones are proven to change your DNA on a cellular level. We all naturally gravitate to different types of music already but no one talks about "why" we might like what we like. 


Inspired by my late Step Fathers passing in 2021, who lost his battle with cancer. Just before he passed, a western doctor administering his chemo said he may want to try listening to certain frequencies as they are realizing certain tones may eradicate cancer cells. This was my inspiration for putting healing frequencies in techno. I want to create an uplifting and healing experience at my shows while staying true to underground music.  


The frequency of LOVE/ 528 Hz, used by an increasing number of recording artists, including famous ones like Paul McCartney, that resonates "the energy of love, peace, and health" versus the current imposed "standard tuning" (440 Hz) that research indicates generates "fear, stress, and disease."