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Talk about establishing a brand identity outside of the ‘status quo', or redefining what it means to be a true artist, which is exactly what we can expect from DESNA as she carves out her place in the music industry, making sure to avoid definitive classification by charting a new course that's sure to shake things up.

Having spent years honing her talents and nurturing her craft, it was only in 2017 that the alias ‘DESNA’ was born. Making a name for herself playing a number of shows on the underground circuit, she eventually caught the attention of the owners of Output club in New York. From that encounter she managed to bag herself popularity where she continued to top the bill between 2017, until the end of 2019, rising in notoriety on the New York scene. She later went on to bolster her profile and kick things up a notch in 2019 by moving to Avant Gardner and Brooklyn Mirage, sharing the bill with some of the biggest names out there.

Noted as one of DJ Mag's emerging acts to watch at the end of 2019, DESNA art transcends music; it embodies a way of living, which in turn makes her force to be reckoned with as she channels this passion into everything she does. With a slew of releases behind her, she notched over a million streams in 2020 and landed in Beatport’s top 20 chart. DESNA uses deep, uncompromising techno as her base, with her productions drawing inspiration from a vast range across the electronic spectrum.

During the global pandemic, DESNA started trying to find a way to add more value to the music she was making by adding specific frequencies. Inspired by her late Step Fathers passing in 2021, who lost his battle with cancer. Just before he passed, a western doctor administering his chemo said he may want to try listening to certain frequencies as they are realizing certain tones may help with his pain and emotional well being. This was her inspiration for putting these frequencies in all of her original music moving forward. DESNA's theme is to create an uplifting and high vibe experience at her shows while staying true to underground music. This new path has birthed her own record label 'Frequency Made Music'.

DESNA's deejaying prowess through production and track selection can be defined as striking yet neutral, with a clear vision that’s easily recognisable. Her knowledge and passion for electronic music runs deep, with authenticity playing a key role in who she looks up to and is influenced by. Internationally she’s gone on to play a plethora of shows on the underground circuit, including Time Warp, EDC, and most notably in Tbilisi Georgia where she’s cultivated a solid fanbase playing shows at GEM festival and Freedom music, each time bringing the same infectious energy she’s come to be known for. It is this mentality that is paving the way for her upcoming projects in 2023 as she looks to fuse her love of visual art, sound healing, and techno into one truly captivating and memorable experience that extends far beyond the DJ booth, it’s the start of big things to come for the Brooklyn native.

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